If you know it, you choose it

Created from the spin-off of a leader company in the coil coating sector, Stardust Powder Coatings offers an all-round experience in the sector, from the production of paints up to the painting itself and the design of the pertinent systems.

Entrepreneurial skills and know-how that, in just a few years, have allowed Stardust to turn into a solid international company with two production plants, one in Italy and one in Russia.

Stardust’s growth has not prevented it from maintaining all of the added value of an independent, family-owned business: the direct relationship with its customers, who can rely on a safe and constant partner over time; the highest flexibility and decision-making speed; the development of long-term professional collaborations; the presence of important values and traits in the commercial area, such as passion, determination and the desire to constantly achieve new goals, which have always been distinguishing features of the company owners.

However, Stardust also means teamwork, which is of fundamental importance in an operational project that starts from a direct contact between customer and company, to then materialize itself thanks to the work of highly motivated and qualified personnel, always ready to provide an efficient and responsible assistance service.


First, always

First to seize the market trends and to anticipate them with innovative solutions.

primisempreFirst to meet the customers’ requests and to solve their problems.

That is what Stardust wants to be: a young and dynamic company that invests a lot in its Research & Development activities, which are seen as an essential instrument of growth.

The desire to fully comply with the customers’ requests and expectations guides a team of highly specialized laboratory technicians on a daily basis, as they work in synergy with the owners and the commercial staff  in order to come up with the best solutions and to turn any critical issues into an opportunity of development.

Tests and research are constantly being carried out in the R&D laboratories, not only to develop new colours and finishes selected by customers, designers and architectural firms, but also to come up with yet new colours and effects, to improve performances during application, to optimize productivity of the systems, etc.

Next to innovation and the customer’s central role, there is always, as the engine that drives Stardust’s R&D activities, a strong sense of social responsibility that pushes research to look for products that are absolutely environmentally-friendly: less environmental impact for a higher quality of life.