The innovative synergy between Stardust and AluCoating described on ipcm


On issue n. 69 (May/June) of the specialized magazine on surface treatments, ipcm - International Paint&Coating Magazine, an exclusive article about the production process of AluCoating and its partnership with Stardust has been published.

Paolo Di Massimo, one of the world’s leading experts in this field and the owner of AluCoating Srl, a company specialising in the powder coating of aluminium coils, described the continuous improvement process undertaken by the company to optimize its production system, as well as the advantages, in terms of quality and service, brought by the partnership with Stardust:

“We wanted to specialise even more in the coil coating sector, by integrating the most innovative technological solutions, and to create a company structure that was able to handle small and very small batches of colour, in order to meet the demands of such a complex market. This is why we have set up a production system equipped with ad hoc plants, which is still being implemented and improved. As for the choice of paint products, we have established a partnership with Stardust Powder Coatings Srl, a company based in L’Aquila (Italy) that formulates and produces powder coatings even in small batches on order, offering a rapid and accurate customer service even in the case of very limited quantities.”

Stardust's commitment to the coil coating field

In the article, Guido Pozzoli, CEO of Stardust, also mentioned Stardust's commitment to the coil coating field, declaring:

“Our laboratory will devote the rest of the year to optimising the formulation of our powders in order to achieve greater resistance to weathering and chemical aggression. One of our goals is to introduce bonderised coatings also in the field of coil powder coating, with the performance degree of liquid coatings. Indeed, the real challenge is to formulate bonderised coatings with high post-forming mechanical strength.”

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