Tailor-made quality

Tailored quality for a service that is made-to-measure especially for you. In record time.

Tailor-made quality and personalization at the highest levels are Stardust’s real point of excellence.

Just like a tailor that makes each dress to measure, according to the requests, preferences and characteristics of the person who will be wearing that dress, at Stardust each product is designed with the utmost care and attention for the customer’s specific needs.

Flexibility, professionalism, total quality and timeliness are the principles that guide Stardust’s professionals in their daily work, in order to best satisfy the customers’ needs. Starting from the initial brief, followed by product formulation, process and quality control, shipping and after-sales service: each single step is the result of multiple efforts and of the close collaboration of highly skilled personnel who constantly work as a team in order to meet any need in the best and fastest way possible.

The result is completely custom-fit products supported by a high quality service that continues even after the sale.

Products and services that make Stardust a company known and appreciated by its customers as a reliable partner to turn to, and with whom to completely share choices and objectives.

We know how to stand apart from the rest

Our quality certifications

ISO 9001

Because quality has to be demonstrated by facts, not just words.

Stardust paints are type-approved Qualicoat, the international quality mark that, through a stringent network of standards and requirements, confirms the high quality standard, safety and reliability of the type-approved products.

Product quality is a direct consequence of the quality of the processes and technologies employed to make the products. Stardust’s quality is also certified ISO 9001, which guarantees an efficient and streamlined company management system.